Monday, January 4, 2010

Next Few Days

By this time tomorrow the work part of this grand adventure will have come to an end. Yep that is right, tomorrow is my final day of work.  Will I miss packing my lunch, wearing my safety boots, hairnet and white coat and packing/loading thousands of airline food every day....No.  But the truth is, and you've heard it before, it has been a great job.  The past 2 months at Gate Gourmet really have been fun.  I've gained a whole new perspective to the food you eat while on airplanes,  I could tell you what 7 different airlines serve their customers for breakfast and dinner, and can even tell you how much weight (in grams) each item of food in your dish is, (or is supposed to be.)  I've already said goodbyes to severl coworks and will say goodbye to the rest tomorrow. The koreans, kiwis, germans and australians have been a great crew. This job has made it financially possible for me to continue my journey, which commences in 2 days.

Today I am moving out of my apartment and checking back in my ever so loved hostel for my final two nights in Sydney.  The days of not wearing sandals in the shower and having drawers to place my clothes are now over and I go back to the real backpacker lifestyle.

Anyhow, every detail has been planned for my final month left in Australia, and I couldn't be any more eager to start my travels. With that, back to no constant internet and ample time, so really hope I can update the blog frequently.

See you soon

Side Notes:

- 49ers, way to finish strong, just make sure next year is "The Year" that we go to playoffs
- 2 months left on this trip, already 3 months

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