Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goodbye Sydney, Hello Travelling, Long Bus Rides, New Places, and New People

It came in a hurry, it was time to start travelling. I worked up to my second last day in Sydney so did not have much time to do much. The last night of work was sad as I said goodbye to all my coworkers, but the thought of never packing airline food again brought me great enjoyment. As I took my final train ride back from work I was motivated to have one last big night out in Sydney(well atleast for a month). Headed to Kings Cross to World Bar, that was my 4 or 5th time there and has been the only place I have been in Kings Cross, its a backpacker bar, and you are sure to have a good time.

The next day, last day in Sydney, did not do much.  Spent most of the day just preparing for my trip, priniting tickets, accomodation details etc.

That night me and 2 buds, (nigel and Tim) went out for dinner at the Shark Hotel (all you can eat buffet), same place I went for Xmas Eve dinner.  From there we headed to a bar where we had a few friends there, many of them also leaving, either somewhere else in Australia or back home.  Had a few drinks, said my goodbyes and set off to pack my bags and catch a good sleep before the early bus ride the next day

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