Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello There 2010!!

So I'm sure I'm not the only one who is saying this 5 days into the new year, but I'm still feelin the after effects of those new years eve party festivities. The hype definitely was needed for Sydney New Years because this city delivered one hell of a show. But even without their 5 million dollar firework display the night still would have been a success, the fireworks just added a little extra flavor, (besides who remembers the entire 12 minute show after drinking for 8 hours).

So here's how the day went.  I woke up new year's eve morning with a slight headache from the night before. As I was cooking breakfast around 10am, i saw on the news people already camping out around the city for the best views of the fireworks that were to come 14 hours later...I started to panic a bit. I originally planned to head out around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I then proceeded to the supermarket to stock up for the day.  As I was walking back I was informed by my friends from the hostel were not going to the Botanical Gardens anymore.  I was pretty bitter about it.  I still knew a few people that were going to the gardens and figured I would just meet up with them. After about a half hour thinking about the situation, I gave in and decided to head to the place where all my "closer" friends were headed, Observatory Hill.  Looking back on it, I have no regrets at all.  Yes, I lost out in the spectacular view from the Botanical Gardens..but what is New Years without your best friends.  Turns out this place, Observatory Hill, was BYO,(Bring Your Own Alcohol), opposite that of the gardens where security checked your bags.  You can imagine the amount of money I saved on alcohol.  (You may be asking yourself, what about the bag of goon you hid in the gardens the day may or may not still be there...i tried to direct my friends to it on new years but they had no success, will go see tomorrow)

Observatory Hill was on the opposite side of Harbour Bridge, not as picturesque (no opera house) but other than than, still a great view. I arrived around noon, the park was already 3/4 full.  The plus side..mostly all young people/backpackers, people picnicking and drinking, and entry in and out of the park. This was crucial as we often headed to the pub across the street for a round or two and could just cruise around as our spot was held by our blankets and other people from the hostel.

You can imagine the atmosphere of 5,000 people in this park in the middle of the day with the anticipation of the night to come.  Many already drunk, many still sober waiting to start drinking later, and ones like me, the keep it steady drinker.  Once it got dark, the ambiance was magical.  Sitting around with friends, playing games, just having a great time.  When 9 oclock rolled around we were welcomed with our first show of fireworks, the supposed kid show...well for being a kid show, it impressed.  The view turned out great as two barges were close by, and of course the harbour bridge.

From 9-12 things got a bit hazy, but I remember them shooting one or two fireworks every 20 or 30 minutes just to keep us entertained.

When 12 approached, there was a huge countdown (i think) and everyone went crazy.  Fireworks from all over lit up the sky.  There was the bridge, and then probably at least 6 or 7 barges in the harbour that were launch points, all firing the same firework with perfect synchronization. Will hopefully get a video up.

The show lasted around 12 minutes, seems shorter at the time, but according to sources, 12 minutes.

To condense this post, I will just say it was New Year 2010 in Sydney, one of the best new year locations in the world, the party continued on well after midnight.

After sleeping a good chunk of the day, I woke up feeling not too bad and thankful I didnt have to work.  The day was spent drinking heaps of orange juice, some internet and tv.  When dinner rolled around, Nigel and I finally made it to Wood and Stone in Surry Hills to try the Kangaroo Pizza.  This was the first time i tried Kangaroo and too be honest one of the first new foods I've aquainted my palette with in was a nice welcome.  Had some great flavor to it, almost beef jerky like.  Anyway, glad I tried it and up next will be a Kangaroo kebab or burger i think

Happy 2010 to everyone, its been a great decade and another great chapter in my life.  Wish everyone the best in the New Year.

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