Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coogee Is Where It's At

Today was my Sunday as I head back to work tomorrow after a great revitalizing 3 days off. After 2 straight days of rain today was a day of sunshine and light cool breezes, a perfect set up for a beach day. Decided to go to Coogee beach, went with about 6-8 people, friends from the good old Home Backpacker Hostel.  I think I found the beach that I will be going to every week on my days off in the upcoming month.

A quick 20 minute bus ride from the bus stop right down the road from my apartment and we were on the beach. After a great day today on the beach, I still don't know if it tops Manly Beach but definietely a close second. I really enjoyed the surrounding town and the beach. Not too big, not to small. And to make things better, the waves were pumping today. Biggest waves yet I've swam in here and my bodysurfing fun was at a good high.  Had some great rides today, but also ate it pretty good as well on some big kahunas.

There were alot of foreigners out, like most sydney beaches on the weekdays, but it is funny seeing them in the water. They either are scared and dont know what to do, or think they do and just gasp at the big waves coming at them thinking they can catch them, either bodysurfing or bodyboarding. there was this total clown trying to swim as hard as he can to catch the wave, his timing was terrible and the effort he put into his arm strokes was pretty comical.

i got a good kick out of these two large chicks in the water today. it was in the middle of a giant set coming in. I was closer towards the shore since i just rode in a wave so had the opportunity of having a great view of the pummeling these two fat girls were a bout to get. There was a huge wave coming and broke right on top of one girl sending here face first into the sand below her. She got up flustered with her top half off, meanwhile her other friend is just laughing at what just happened. Without paying attention, the next wave sneaks up and completely engulfs both girls sending them into an underwater spin. The faces on them after getting just wrecked by these waves were just priceless. Meanwhile im sittin back and just couldnt hold back a laugh after seeing these girls just get smashed wave after wave.  It was great.  The waves were great today, and was a beach day that was needed and looking forward to heading back there on my days off.

Got a bit careless with sunscreen application today, got a bit sunburnt, but didnt get it half as bad as those pasty english and scottish chicks!!

friday is my new monday, and tuesday is my new friday..likin it

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