Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Work, Eat, Party, Sleep, Repeat

Things have been real good lately. Working 5 days a week, including every weekend. Kills into partying time but at the same time making almost double pay on the weekends.  Having an income is great but I swear seeing money deposited in my account every week causes me to spend more.

After constant laughs from family about how I wear a hair net and white robe during work I decided to take a picture of my great work outfit. So below is for all of u to enjoy.

The people at work are fun to work with, some more than the rest but they are pretty nice people when its not me slowing down the process line. Lately we have had several new workers so sometimes they get all the attention and its not me getting harped on for going too slow.  Yesterday almost all the flights got new menues. Pretty sweet, new food to pack.  You sometimes get tired of the same plates day after day. But with that said their are new challenging food portions and cake to tackle, wooo.

Right now I have 3 days off and was hoping to hit up the beach but it is currently raining.  And its supposed to rain tomorrow too. For some reason, everytime I am not working there is shit weather and when I do work it is hot and nice. Hoping maybe thursday it clears up and i can head to Manly or Bondi Beach, before starting the work rotation again on Friday

The new apartment is great, really liking the location and people I live with. The free internet and laundry are sure nice. I live down in a basement area in a room me and my roommate Nigel call "The Bunker"  There is no doorway, rather a hole in a wall that we climb thru as an entrance.  You need a chair on the ground to get in and out of it. Quite entertaining and may lead to some drunken falls. The benefits of the bunker is that it stays very cool, especially with the fans we have put in.  Additionally with no windows there is absolutely no light. I have been getting some of the best sleep lately, i am just glad I dont have to work early in the morning or i would never be able to get up.  pictures to come soon

Today I headed to Newtown, the town where I went to the music festival about a month back, to explore their downtown.  It was raining pretty good but they got some good shops there. Pretty laid back mellow crowd with a few grungy/druggies around the street.

After newtown headed back to the apartment but decided to stop in for a haircut. I have been eying this place for weeks since they advertise 10 dollar men haircuts and knew i was close to needing one. the place was called Wei Lins Hair salon, so being used to asian haircutters for the past 10 years of my life i knew i wouldnt have an issue. It signified my 3rd haircut in another country, 2 back behind those great haircuts in florence with the non english speaking old italian men.  The lady today was pretty nice, during the haircut she complemented me on my great head of hair and how thick it was.  It was then when i knew i scored a great haircut shop.  she was pretty personable and i obviously appreciated the compliment, no one has said that to me before. Tipping isnt mandatory here in australia and being on a budget i originally only planned to give the 10 dollars, but after my great cut and good service i tipped her 2 dollars. All in all a great experience.

Thats is about it around here.  Just keepin on truckin with work and cruisin around the city. Sooner or later within the next few weeks I have the daunting task of planning my travels.  should be exciting

Got some plans for a few upcoming posts, pretty stoked for them as well.

-Currently beginning early filming and production on a Sydney video, the video will incompass all my favorite spots in sydney

-Joe's Cribs
     - Video tour of Home Backpackers Hostel where I stayed for a month
     - Video tour of new apartment and the bunker room i live in.

-2 month recap

Alright readers, feels good to catch up on this thing. Hope all is well.

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