Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Living the Endless Summer : An Update

Hello there from down under. On my Saturday here on a Wednesday and once again the weather is crap and probably wont make it to the beach on my days off. . Work consumes my weeks as of late working 5 days a week with 7-8 hour shifts.  I am in no means excelling in my duties at work but lately i have been climbing the ladder in operations. A couple days ago I started "loading"  Loading is the term used when you place the finished food trays into cart that you see go up and down the aisles of the plane with the flight attendants. It is a pretty complex procedure as you have to make sure everything is on the trays that needs to be and that you place it in the right place in the cart. There are many special meals and places where the hot food trays go, let alone the countless number of carts you have to load. For example, on United flights i believe there are a total of 20 carts, all for main meal, breakfast, snacks.  Each cart stores about 56 trays.  Loading is ok, it requires a lot more thinking and bending up and down than just putting 500 cakes in dishes and putting lids on them.  But either way, work has been pretty good lately.  Coworkers are pretty entertaining and I enjoy working with them.  Recently we have had about 5 german backpackers join the crew, so able to get some travel talk in while working. Got about 1 month left there and after that, if i haven't spent all of my paychecks, sail swimmingly financially for the last 2 months of my trip.

The apartment is great and have no regrets with the decision whatsoever. I found out that the hostel raised its prices to 200 a week and I am paying 150 with a lot more comfort and luxury so great move on my part.  The location is a bit shady, but knew this before. Not where our apartment is, but just the over all suburb of Surry Hills. After a late night at the bars i had a drunken stumble in with some blokes on the walk home. It was around 3 or 4 am and was real close to the pad when I came upon two guys walking towards me. They seemed intoxicated as well. As I was about to walk passed them, one guy said to the other guy "take a swing at him. Next think i know the guy as he walks past me takes a swing.  I dodge it a bit and it hits me in the shoulder, upper arm region. Without hesitating i bolted off, not knowing what to expect next. Call me a wimp but 1 on 1 fight would be a tough enough battle for me, 2 on 1 would be no contest for a man of my build. It definitely startled me but after pondering the situation I dont think those guys meant harm. If anything they wanted to do exactly what they did, scare me away.  Had they wanted to beat me up or take my money, 2 of them would have came at me at once, not one guy throwing a somewhat erratic punch towards me.  EIther way, it will keep me on my guard and cause me to be more aware of surroundings in such a situation.

Anyway,  I think me and the roomates have decided to purchase an small fake xmas tree and some decorations to get the apartment some holiday feeling.  Talks of an apartment holiday party are in the works but we shall see. I will be working christmas and almost getting triple pay but besides that, wont be too eventful of an xmas other than a few drinks, a nice xmas eve dinner and a trip to church.

Since the weather wasn't up to par with my idea of beach weather today, I spent the day hittin the hot spots around Sydney to take photos and videos that will eventually make it into a video I will be producing with an unknow released date. My creative side was pumping today and had some great ideas. Excited to see what it will come out like.

Since I work almost every night, it has been awhile since I actually made a meal for dinner. Having a time to prepare a solid meal for dinner tonight I decided to cook up some tacos.  Since mexican food really isn't too common here in Oz, i figure i could try to bring the spice myself.  They turned out great and made up for the 2 months without Taco Bell or Taqueria Guadalajara.

*Note: Tacos seen in picture are actually the tacos I made.  They are authentic joe's tacos with aussie ground beef, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, spicy taco sauce and slices of avocado.

Next post will be my Top 10 Music albums of 2009, cant believe the year is almost over.

Stay classy

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