Sunday, November 8, 2009

Heaps to Update

busy weekend with little internet time, here is the delayed update. The weather has been off and on from Wednesday thru Sunday. It has rained every day since Wednesday. Monday now, bit windy but clear skys, setting up for a beautiful week

Here's the event list since the last update

I had to go to get a physical exam for my potential job,  it was a short train ride to the medical center. I had a drug test, alcohol test, hearing/vision, you know the works. I was hoping all the goon in my system didnt show up in the alcohol test. First time I ever saw a doctor in another country..quite the monumental event

Was hoping I was going to get a call from the employer saying I passed the exam and was going to get hired..never did. So rather than just wasting the day, i decided to take a rain stroll thur the royal botanical gardens.  The tropical weather greatly added to the beauty of these gardens. I was amazed to look up into the trees and see literally thousands of sleeping bats. Had some ace ventura memories come into mind regarding the white bat guano.  I then continued thru the gardens to get the view of the harbour the far point of the guardens. A great view, would have been better with clear skys but I know I will be returning to the gardens throughout my stay.  Notice, this view in the pictures is where I plan to be on New Years for the fireworks on the harbour.  gonna be sickner.

Heaps of Bats

Right next to the city

Great view..similar to the one I will hopefully have for new years

Friday and Saturday
Friday marked the day of my friend Ben's departure. He was able to catch a ride to Melbourne with a fellow backpacker, then explore and find new things there, maybe work.  It was a great 3-4 weeks with him and am hoping I will meet up with him again during the rest of my stay here. Plus he is now an avid reader of Joes down under blog...Ben have a good time in Melbourne..kill it.

That day, was really starting to get frustrated bout the job search...all jobs were looking grim, and didnt want to go into the weekend knowing i was still unemployed. Around 445 i got a call saying I passed my medical exam and was going to be brought on board sometime next week.  Definitely felt some relief at that point, (not passing the drug and alch test, but the job) and headed straight to the liquor store to buy some goods to celebrate.  Dont think I have mentioned my job on here yet, i am going to be working for an airline catering company called Gate Gourmet, more info in a job post once I start work

That night i was pretty happy about things and had a great night on the town. Went out with my new friends from the hostel, Anda the Indonesian guy from Holland, Nigel from England, and Carl and Linnea from Sweden.

On Saturday, weather was still shaky, raining of and on. I decided to head to a backpacker travel expo held in Darling Harbour.  Heaps of booths and brochures talking about trips to all over the world and inside australia. Got some good info for my upcoming travels

After, I did my daily newspaper reading in Darling Harbour and decided to finally go to this fish and chips place I have been eyeing. It ended up being excellent, probably will get it once a week. You get 2 pieces of fish, a large amount of chips(fries) and a drink for $8.50 which I find to be a great bargain for this citys local eateries, especially for being right next to a tourist hotspot.

Saturday night we hit the town again, because of my future income I would be earning, a 10 dollar box of goon didnt seem like to much of a splurge. The night ended with me being kicked out of the bar.  Bars/Pubs in Sydney are all very strict who they let in and around there bar. Ironically it was the same bar that found my debit card, the same one I watched the Melbourne cup...Scruffy Murphys.  In my defense, i found the whole thing BS, been way worse at other times and only walked/danced around while talking to my friends, but according to the bouncers I was too drunk. All my friends and I begged to differ, but I wasnt going to argue and complied with the bouncers. I literally did nothing but will be a good memory.  This was the third time someone in our group had been kicked out of the it is not like I was a rare case(same occassion, doing nothing just standing around. I must have had an extra sway in one of my dance moves.  Anyhow, I believe it marks the first time I got kicked out of a bar, and yes I feel it was unjust, it still happened. I dont usually post such events on this blog, but this blog is not only for readers, but myself. If i don't write it down, I might not remember this great achievement in my later years, but will graciously be reminded of it when I reread my blog posts down the road

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  1. Better to have a "kicked out of a bar in Oz" memory, than your bros memory of getting kicked out of a SS BBall game........Mom