Sunday, November 8, 2009

Newtown Festival

Sunday, I embarked with Anda to Newtown, a quick train ride from central station. They were having their annual music and crafts festival.  Had I'de not heard about it the night before at the bars, I would have missed one of the greatest days yet in Sydney.  The festival attracted thousands, and definitely seemed like the place to be on the day.  It reminded me alot of the Whole Earth festival at Davis, alot of crafts, candles, bracelets, eco-friendly environment and of course, great live music. Best thing about the festival, especially on a backpacker budget...FREE. We met up with our friends from Sweden and got introduced to a guy from Australia. He was familiar with the local/world music scene and gave me some great info about oz. Also marks the first authentic australian met here in OZ.

Anda, Me, Carl (Ludwig)

Tons of food and beer gardens. Had it not been from a dented wallet from the past 2 nights and a bit of a rough morning, i would have been interacting with the locals at the beer gardens and pubs. Rained during some of the bands sets, was great. All in all, so happy that we heard about it and went.  Definitely made something out of a day where we probabably wouldnt have done much anyway. When we came back we geared up for movie night at the hostel...the showing..Anchorman : The Legend of Ron Burgandy

Stay Classy

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