Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And the good times roll on

Lazy day today in my writing effort..a few quick points

- Watched the Melbourne Cup yesterday at Scruffy Murphy's Bar with Ben and had a good time day drinking and watching Australia's most popular sporting event

- Hot as hell yesterday, muggy, hot/warm wind.  I imagine that is what the weather will be like come summer..good god

- Today is rainy and cloudy...feels good...gonna be like this till the end of the weekend...postponed beach trip to Bondi till next week

- Have a medical appointment tomorrow for the job..if i pass the fitness/health test hoping I get hired

- Chase is not WAMU....their foreign transaction fees are almost tripled of what wamu used to charge.

- I think I have been eating better here than I was during college

- still meeting heaps of people, loving the hostel.  The Contender Australia(boxing) is now on every Monday, draws a good group of men at the hostel tv room..should be something to look forward to

- Starting to finally understand traffic patterns and crosswalks

- Trains are super expensive here....example..6 minute train ride to job interview = 6 dollars single way.(12 round trip)...working on finding a way to cheat the system/discount

- Planning my east coast Australia trip is fun, but it is still 2 months out and I just want to go now