Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Dodged Bullet

Its 3am and I stumble back from the bars after a great night out for Halloween with all my new buds from the hostel. As I am taking off my simple yet effective costume i check all my belongings before locking them up in the locker before I hit the debit card. It was at that point that my drunkeness sobered, a buzz kill you might call it. I changed back into normal clothes and hit the streets frantically searching for the lost card. This was all due to the fact that my costume/shorts had no pockets so I just brought along my money belt. It was definitely a bit clumsy/awkward digging for cash/identification so it must had fallen out when I was accessing those. I ran to the three bars I attended, each leaving my name and number after searching like a police dog through each of the venues as they were closing up. No luck at all three. I knew I had to deal with it as some lucky guy might have been charging up my card at kebab stands/stores/etc. I then continued to run to McDonalds, my preffered location for free wifi. I jumped on the netbook and hit up skype so I could call the card company to cancel my card. DONE..and was relieved to been told no charges had been made. It was now 4 am and I headed back to the hostel pissed off, yet relieved about the recent occurances..I looked back on the rest of the night and new this would always be a halloween to remember, despite the sobering situation. I awakened the next morning to a phone call, to my suprise, the bar manager calling to say he found my card in the bar. WOOOOO, the hangover felt that much better that morning. After being on the phone for what seemed like hours with the card company, my card is back up and running and I now have acces to my money, it is almost like nothing ever happened. I learned my lesson tho that is for sure

Here is my halloween costume. Short australian shorts, some gold medals, and a ping pong paddle. The only thing spooky about the costume were my ghostly white thighs, but it worked out pretty well.

Really enjoyed hitting the town with my newly met hostel buds

Had the job interview today, went pretty well. Waiting for the call back and may need to attend a medical exam. If hired, should start work the end of the week or weekend. Really hope things work out

Side Thoughts: Yankees will win world series, Favre showed the Packers what's up,
9ers are so so lucky their division is the worst in the league, The Office and Californication are great shows, my nickname around the hostel is starting to become "America"  most likely because these foreigners forgot my real name, but it is pretty great.

Melbourne Cup tomorrow, supposedly the most watched sporting event in Oz....excited to have some beers at a pub and enjoy the race

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