Friday, October 30, 2009

The Goon is Great

G'Day Mates, Halloween here today. Seems like a normal day around town but the backpacker bars are sure to be pumping. Costume ideas r still lacking..hittin up a dollar store in a bit see what I can do.

The past few days have been great. I have really been enjoying the new hostel. Great group of people and always someone to meet and talk too. Last night there was a 2 dollar BBQ outside on the deck. Pretty good deal for some aussie hamburgers and sausages. Everyone is young there and all travelling. Most people there have been at the hostel for more than 3 weeks, def some regs. I may turn into one. Originally i was thinking of eventually moving into an apartment, which is still a possibility. But I figure if i just live in with some people, i will always just be seeing them, i might not even like them. With the hostel life, you are always meeting new people and there is always things to do/events goin on. Got some deciding to do. Either way, really enjoyin the group at the hostel for the past couple nights. Hanging outside, listenin to music, hearing everyone stories and still become amazed how all these europeans speak such great english and are able to speak several other languages as well. Everyone seems to like the fact that I am california, it has a pretty good reputation i guess. But certain American topics always come up ie. Obama, Bush, american tv shows, why we call it soccer and not football. It is all in good fun, just pretty interesting how everyone has different outlooks and ideas about other countries.

The weather is pickin up rapidly here....been very hot the past 2 days..yet gets cool at night...sunscreen has been a must the past couple days. I have started hanging out in darling harbour the past couple days for an hr or so just takin in the sights/people watching and reading the daily newspaper...feels great. The week ended on a strong note yesterday as I got a call for a job interview on Monday. I am pretty stoked about it and really hopin I can nail it. It is in a great location, great pay, and super flexible hours and would cater perfectly with my travel plans come january.

anyhow, from the post title, you make be asking yourself what "goon" is. Goon is the aussie term for the box wine here. cheap and affordable for the backpacker, and can still give you a pretty good night out. It will be a key component of my halloween night as beer prices still are outrageos. Just need to get myself a idea I have seen yet..check it

Shout out to my good friend Brady Stern, Happy Birthday, live it up. Note that is not Brady in the picture above, although it kinda resembles him

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