Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Best Things In Life Are Free....most of the time

Yesterday was a day of free, mostly. The job search is still continuing and have put in a good amount of time and emails in.  I'm pretty hopeful, but still not too comfortable. Least there is always bananas to pick.

Anyhow, after hours of internet time, decided to get out with Ben and wander the town.  We stumbled onto the Domain, a part of the botanical gardens, huge green fields with trees..Definitely a nice area to go and relax in or bring a lady for a picnic in the park. Anyhow we made our way to the art gallery of New South Whales. Free admission...very nice. Never being too big a fan of art, especially after seeing the plethora of art galleries in Florence, I didn't get to excited to enter an australian art gallery and only did so since it didn't cost me a penny.  (or 5 cents, there is no 1 cent in aussie currency)  Anyhow, the art was ok, from original aborigine art to modern/contemporary art, there was some pretty interesting things.  Glad i at least gave it a gander.

Anyhow, we moved hostels yesterday.  We moved out of a 28 dollar night hostel to a 24 dollar a night hostel.  every dollar counts these days with no income.  Anyhow, was skeptical bout the hostel as it looked a bit shady.  But man was it a gem in disguise.  Yes the facilities could be cleaner, the beds could be newer, and the smell could not smell like b.o. constantly, but the community is great.  Anyhow, while just sitting out on the deck last night, we were welcomed by a couple guys(2 brits, 1 american) with a box of wine.  chatted up, next thing i know there is a good 10-15 person crowd out on the deck.  Little did i know that in addition to that 1 box of wine, the hostel was putting on a free wine and cheese night.  Couple glasses in, 2 more boxes of wine come out, coupled with cheese and crackers.  Around the table with all new people from all over the world conversing and playing drinking games with them was sure great. Something that I haven't got at any of the bigger/cleaner hostels i have been staying at the past few weeks.

Great people, great times and a great price. Being unemployed I can't yet afford to splurge on alcohol, so this was a treat.  We all headed out to the bars after the wine was done.

Halloween is coming up this weekend.  Come to think about it, I've really never thoroughly enjoyed Halloween ever since I stopped getting candy. Yes there were some moments in college but Halloween doesn't get me excited as it used to. The pain of trying to get a satisfactory costume always seems to annoy me. With that said, Australians dont take costume day too seriously either, but all the big backpacker bars are puttin on big parties, so i just maybe might have to get the creative ideas flowing in the next couple days.  My best idea right now, "Hostel Food Stealer" .... clearly i have some thinking to do

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  1. thought id throw a comment on here since mom and dad are the only ones that seem to share their thoughts. Live it up. When we gonna skype?