Friday, May 2, 2008

If only Dell had Dunder Mifflin Customer Service Skills

So I ran into another issue with my laptop last week. My audio headphone jack signal became weak...again ..meaning only sound was coming out of 1 of my stereo speakers...this was the second time it has happened. So i got on and started a online chat with a dell rep...rather than calling India and takin 1 hour to speak someone who i couldnt understand i took the easier road to talk to someone in India, whose text i could read.

Since Im under a 5 year warranty..i was told that the repair( a new motherboard) would be free of i expected. About 4 hours later, I had someone from dell call me saying that the repair would not be under warranty to due to "Normal Hardware Warranty does not cover usage or wear & tear damages/issues

After hearing this I was infuriated. i mean honestly, what is the point of a 5 year they expect you not to use the functions that provide on their computers on a sub normal basis..the headphone jack is there to be used..whether headphones in the library, skype calls, or external speakers. what do they expect you never to use the functions they provide?? well anyway from ther i knew ther was no way i was going to lose this I put together a nice lengthy email stating my case and why I deserved a repair free of charge.

Below is my email:

April 28th, 2008


Hello Shirsendu, i think that this is extremely unfair and I am very dissatisfied with Dell's support and will fight this case until I get what a paying customer deserves. Let me first start off saying that once you are told by a dell representative that your problem will be fixed, you take that persons word, then to get a phone call and an email four hours later saying that dell cannot process my request shows your company's unprofessionalism and terrible customer support. Now I have had my computer for almost three and a half years and let me tell you what problems I have had.
1) was sent a brandnew computer that had an extreme hardware error and would not turn on ( this ordeal was stressful and timely and took many phone calls to upper staff to get it taken care of)
2) after receiving a working computer, I discovered about 6 months later when trying to burn my first DVD, that the DVD burner did not work. I then spent countless hours with your terrible customer service staff getting my replacement
3) battery lasted 15 minutes after 2 years of use....BATTERY was RECALLED, another inconvenience
34) my fourth problem was the faulty headphone jack...this was taken care of in timely fashion and there was a technician that replaced it within 5 days

now number 5...the headphone jack is now having issues again. You claim i am not able to get this fixed under warranty under wear and tear. However the first time the jack went out in a year, and you had no problem replacing it. Yet another year later it does it. Now you guys supply headphone inputs on your laptops to be used, right?? Exactly. As a student in college, I use my headphone jack often, as that is what it is there for. For example, the countless hours I study in the library and use headphones to listen to music. I also use the jack for making internet phone calls, and yes i have external speakers to make up for the crappy sounding internal speakers. Now I ask you, after all these problems, and for using a function on your computer that YOUR SUPPOSED to use, why am I not getting a replacement. Lets take this..since your laptop battery doesnt really last long, i always have my power cord plugged it. Now say there becomes a loose connection from all the times I have my power cord in,will you not deem me a warranty replacement? now that does just not make any sense. Your computers are meant to be used, and you expect every function to be working, especially after paying so much. I paid 5 year warranty, now what the hell did I spend all that money for? Clearly your headphone jacks are cheap. My desktop computer jack is also used often with headphones, skype headsets and portable speakers, I have had that desktop for about 8 years, not one problem with the jack. Ive had my ipod for almost 3 years, that has EXTERMELY heavy use as i take headphones out every day, not one loose signal with that jack. I paid money for a computer that is supposed to function properly, and an additional amount for quality customer service and for warranty is problems did arise.

To tell me now, that I am not warrant of a replacement free of charge would display terrible service and ethics. Now as I like your computers, you can see with my past that i have dealt great amounts with your customer service. After countless hours talking with the Dell staff they have always found a way to help me out. After all the problems that I have dealt with with your company, I am still with you aren't I.. I really do like your products, and always tell people I am happy with my dell. I am entitled to this replacement free of charge and will continue to fight for it. I am hoping this situation gets resolved in a quickly and professional manner. Please contact me immediately

Joe Garibaldi

Within 2 hours of this email being sent, showing my dissatisfaction, I received a phone call saying that my repair would be done free of charge. No reference to the email or anything. I showed them..but honestly, ive had a crapload of problems with DELL, but in the end, after tons of stress and time, I always seem to get what I demand..When my computer does die, I probably will go back to dell, yea its service is shitty, but they still make good computers and will help you if you speak to the right people.

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