Sunday, May 4, 2008

Menos El Oso

Well last Thursday was a Davis night to remember. My newly acquired Sigma Nu brother Tim and I planned to hit up this outside concert on campus. We found out the day of that these bands were coming to play. Portugal the Man, and Minus the Bear. Before the show, i did not own any music by these bands. However, I heard great things about both of them, just never really got around to giving them a listen. I am pretty much a fan of any live music, so I figured a 10 dollar ticket for a great night out would be worth my time. It was bout 80 degrees outside so i figure why not spend the night at a concert.

Well, so we started some pre concert festivities, some casual drinking..Honey Moon to be exact..which is the summertime beer of Blue Moon, definitely a new favorite. Well anyhow, we made are way to the concert just to be turned down at a sold out show. We had the thought in the back of our minds, but we didn't think it would actually be sold out.

Lets just say it was outside near our Arboretum, and it was just a great ambiance..we could see the band playing from the gate and it sounded great. It was then when we looked for loopholes in the security system. There was clearly room for about 200 more people in concert yet they wouldnt let anyone Tim and I did some planning and we devised a break in. This consisted of headin to the green houses, hoping numerous fences and a wall, and about 15 yards of flashlight controlled land(No Mans Land) around the perimeter of the venue. Words cannot describe the excitement of this covert operation. but let me tell you, it was Michael Scofield all over again breaking out of prison. So end of story, we got in to the concert after some real sly, and creative planning. once we were in we started rockin, and couldnt have been more satisfied and reached an ecstasy of achievement. plus we saved 10 dollars

Some photos and video of Minus the Bear performing

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