Monday, April 28, 2008

One Hot Update

im writing this sitting in my boxers...thats it. Its bout 88 right now..IN MY APARTMENT and bout 90 outside..its a damn was around 85 last night in the house when i went to bed. perfect weather if you enjoy sleeping naked.

well anyhow here leittle update on the life of joseph

Had 3 midterms last week and a upper division writing exam on saturday. it was a brutal week, but anway there was a good break in between with some Sigma nu stuff. being 21 feels great. i love the subway 5 dollar deal. and safeway is far superior than savemart.

yesterday me and jeremiah headed to the city to go to the Giants game...we made it a great day, but the giants made r day just little less fun...well not the giants, just that douche BARRY ZITO..he is 0-6 and is my enemy..i have no love or sympathy for him..he needs to go.. he let up 6 runs before we even got in our seats in the 1st inning...anyhow it was a great day at the park despite the 10-1 loss. it was bout 75 degrees and my sunburn is evidence to the great weather. After that jeremiah and I took the bus down to Pier 39 and fishermans wharf. Then the grandma made some great italian pasta.

--so on a pisst of side note: i discovered friday night after getting out of my car that some drunken idiot, bum, enemy, took my back windshield wiper and bent it with all its might. It definitely needs to be replaced...BS. pretty bitter bout it. my guess was it was some idiot walkin down the street who was drunk, saw the italian sticker or something and hated it and thought hed stick it to me. kind of a shady part of davis...ide rule out any enemies cuz i have no enemies. could be worse i guess..least thers not a broken windshields or stabbed tire.

so yea thats bout it, tryin to deal with the heat, but it dos feel pretty nice, bout to go for a bike ride or run.

Music Picts of the Week: Dave Matthews Band, Queen, Bleed the Dream

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