Wednesday, February 6, 2008

lil update

so my intramural team had another dissapointing loss tonight...we have not won a game, and im not afraid to say it is mostly my fault..i like to think of myself as a go to player and i just have not been producin...i dont think i have ever been this bad at just in a real bad rut right now and its getting to me. but watever ther ims, im playin with friends and still having a lil fun

on the ipod front...after couple surgerys to ipods...i finially have a workin order one and couldnt be was great to block all that "diverse" noise out while i was headin to school today on the bus..and for that i started the day great.

on the job front, i unfortunately did not get the photographer job. i am not suprised, lil dissapointed but i knew ther would probly be someone better for the job, being as i have little photography knowledge. watever ill still be bustin out some good pix as i know i have a great creative yea in addition a massive job search is still on task..not sure what..but somethin that pays well and isnt to rough on my life.

other than that, im finally bout to get started on my FINAL STUDY ABROAD VIDEO...i have just Illegally downloaded my program software and am good to hope to show u all, ive got some great cinematography ideas up my sleeve..bout to watch into the wild. night

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