Tuesday, February 5, 2008


So heres the deal...all my ipods r broken in one way or another...hard drive, click wheel, etc....so ive set out to embark on takin these bad boys apart and interchanging the parts to maybe get the right parts in working order
heres what im dealin with

real frustrated with this....ive been tryin endless combos and i cannot get a fully functional drive...tired now, so i plan on finishin tmw...i think i know what to do..i jsut gotta go deeper and change the clickwhell hookup and everything should be good as butter.

hope u enjoyed my tech geek blog...but as far as im concerned, i think i can run off these ipods for the next 2 yrs, save myself some money and wait a bit longer as the ipods get better and better. niight


  1. I took apart my ipod before and replaced the screen. it's kind of a bitch, but it's not that bad. I feel for you though, hope it works out.

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