Sunday, February 10, 2008

it's far better to learn

dont mind the random titles...i dont want to repeat titles just sayin "update" so every title where i dont have a good name to..i will just pick the name to some of my favorite songs..of course these there is some meanings behind the song names

weekend was good..lotta fun..been hittin up alot of the UC davis basketball games...there absolutely horrible and i disagree with many of the coachs calls and players he puts on teh court..but i do sympathize cuz hes not workin with much talent

the games r fun cuz they pass out tons of free stuff..ive acquired numerous free tshirts, ben and jerrys ice cream, redrum burgers, and candy during these games...

on another note...I have officially began production on my abroad movie..i have just scanned all my documents that i saved (ie: plane tix, museum tix, receipts, brochures) i will find a cool way to incorportate these into the movie..i have some real sweet ideas for the movie, but they will be a challenge so i hope i can make them happen. because of this, the movie i anticipate will take probly a month..but im pretty sure when its done..itll be top best creation to date..and who knows..i maybe could use it some day in a portfolio for a future job.

in regards to a still hunting..really would love some gettin greedy cuz im searchin for the perfect job, but i need to realize it prob wont happen..also job search is tuff as schedule gets busy every week with midterms and such..i honestly hope i can find one by the end of the week. and even crazier..ill be 21 in 5 days..

leave u with this...maybe not all of u have seen this

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