Thursday, December 6, 2007


so couple quick things...1) i am writing this now cuz i dont know when ill have internet..2)i am writing it now cuz i had extra czech money so i wasted it on internet...3) there will be no pictures and it will ruin the quality of the post 4) ther will probly be no more videos due to my lack of camera memory and effort to make a movie.

so here we go, really pisst ther r no pictures but ull see em later

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities i have seen and i see why it is considered one of the prettiest cities in the world and one of the top visited cities in Europe

..left amsterdam on the 4th and arrived in prague at about 11 at night...made it solo to might sweet hostel/hotel called the Czech Inn..nicest place ever banking in at a mere 16 dollars a tuesday night got to the hostel and met Nicole and Claire from my AIFS program and hit the bed

Wednesday we got up and met some other kids (Tim and Kolina) from our program at Old Town Square..this square was recently filled with tons of xmas booths and tons of traditional czech food and a giant xmas tree (wanting to insert picture here)

From ther we walked to St Charles Bridge and up to Prague Castle..quite a climb and when we got to the top we saw the guards and a huge marching band parade..found out due to some type of graduation...Because of this the huge cathedral up top was closed for the day..unfortunate but i have been told i didnt miss much

The top gave some awesome views of the entire city of Prague

after that Tim had been craving subway the entire 4 months, so we went there. After we head to my favorite brewery of all date i can say it was the beest damn beer i have ever tasted..god it was good..nice and dark, strong, and smooth, so great characteristics to a great beer. man i wish i had one right now infront of me

After that we branched off and headed to dinner, then from ther hit up Old Town Square again as it was packed....this was because Dec 5th is St Nicholas day...1st day of XMAS i guess and ther were alot of ppl dressed up and it was just fun and entertaining to see.

The next day Claire, Nicole and I hit up the jewish quarter...saw tons of synagogues and a cemetary..nothin special...

we then saw John Lennon Wall, basically a huge graffitti wall with lennon lyrics and sweeet designs..

tonight i had a huge photography session..time is running out

relatives for the next 2 weeks..prague was great...peace to all

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