Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Amsterdam aka THE DAM

hello All, in Prague at the moment chillin in my hostel lounge. Been here for a day but details to be said later, Unfortuanetely probly will not have to many more posts here,,,,internet with the relatives will probly be limited,. also no pictures for prague and amsterdam however they r good and post em later or ull see them when im home..for all of you that r eager of my return.

First off tho, Friday was the last night of the program, the rest of the students that headed home left that night between 230 and 330 am for bus ride to the rome airport. definetly sad times and i made sure that i would see farewell to all my good friends that i met over the past 4 months.

So as u can imagine it was a great and late night,....i had not fully packed or prepared to leave the next morning at 9....sure enouigh i slept in these were hectic in the morning...packed up, left the apartment in a huge rush and sloshed my way to the train station in the rain with all my 4 bags of luggage makin it to the train 1 minute before was crazy and a bad way to leave the city that some of my greatest life memories had taken place. but watever i was on my way to Milan I met up with my cousin Vanni, ate lunch with him and dropped off my excess luggage. Then went to the airport to catch my plane to the DAM...damn easy jet flight was delayed 2 hrs..but watever flight was only 40 euros

so Amsterdam, what a city and some of the most fun i have had the entire trip. This trip i went solo due to some friends backin out and bad communication, however was not an issue

so arrived the first night without a hostel book and called and walked around a few places....decided to call it a night at the BULL DOG, one of Amsterdams most popular hostels and they also claim ther europes 1st 5 star was smacked right in the middle of the dirty, legal and iinteresting RED LIGHT DISTRICT. all in all it was an experience. that night it was rainin and i got in late due to the delay..i was goin to meet up with some guys from santa clara but that fell i called it a night walked round a bit and took some pictures and headed to bed

The next day i woke up early and went to my top choice hostel the FLYING PIG right in downtown amsterdam...they had openings for the next 2 nights so i was pumped.

The mood and feeling in amsterdam was overall friendly and peaceful ambience. more tourists than i expected adn the weather wasnt that great but it was still fun,. im still amazed at the Dutch people...these citizens r fluent in not only dutch but in english, truly amazing..not just like italians wher they no basic words..these ppl r fluent..and all of them...pretty culturally special.

so it is no hidden secret..Amsterdam is a beautiful city with abundant canals and eye catchin scenery but it is wrong to talk abouit the DAM without including its legal Marijuana law and the seductive Red Light District. no lies but Marijuana is the center of Amsterdam and it is highly evident..there are coffee shops on every corner and the smell of marijuana every second of the day. It must be a hell of a business because the city revolved around it...countless weed tshirts, smoking paraphernalia and food munchies. it was just interesting to see. it is also very tough to walk around without having black guys heckle you to buy cocaine, weed, ectasy.. reminded me of the merchants selling purses in florence, but now selling drugs

Red Light District was funny, entertaining, awkward and dirty all at the same time. I went with my newly acquired austrailian and canadian friend who i met at flying pig(SEAN and NICK). seeing these women just standing and dancing in windows selling therselves,...jsut funny and wrong but interesting...some of the women were "attractive" and some were just obviously hideous. it was funny to see the interesting areas of the district..aka the asian, black, indian, fat, ect. either way wierd but memorable experience

as far as sights, ther was alot to do..cept the raining and cold weather effected alot of what i had to do, just as it was tought to walk around, but i made it to the Van Gogh Museum which was pretty favorite painting was called i believe "black crows over the wheatield" i was bout to buy a screened copy of it but did not want to carry it with me all around traveling and all.

DAM square was sweet adn also ther was 2 big was Waterplooin and the other Albert Cuyp..both were like flee markets and food markets...Albert Cuyp is everyday and is the most famous day was pretty nice and definetely a nice place to take a good stroll

the heinekin expereince was closed, but i knew this before going so i paid tribute by drinking heavy amounts of heinekin at the flying pig. cheapest beer in town

im done writing, thats pretty much my trip, thanks for reading and take care..over and out from Prague


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