Friday, November 30, 2007

final firenze post

things r hectic and crazy over here...we had a phenomenal last real night on the town..funny cuz everyone is starting to get emotional and everyone that was dying to go home, does not want to leave. honestly, went by so quick..and to think that it feels like i just started typin my first blog post. but no, but no it will continue, atleast for me. I have some of the best weeks of my trip ahead of me. Amsterdam tmw then Prague, then all relatives its gonna be great. Either way, i have not packed, probly wont fit everything.

i am starting to have regrets and im annoyed at that...i have lived in florence for 3 months and i feel like i know nothing about the history..didnt make it to all the museum i planned to go this week and its unfortunate, my fault and this damn scooter problem. but whatever i still like to think i made the most.

sorry for the lack of pictures lately just things r hectic. ciao and i will talk to u guys in a week. i will be missin all these people, no lies. ciao

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