Monday, December 10, 2007

The Czech are assholes

So i wrote my prague post the last night I was in Prague and I thought since i left early the next morning i thought the trip was basically over. WEll it wasn't and it just confirmed my feeling that i had the entire weekend, that the Czechs are assholes. So here is what happened..From my hostel to the airport it is about a 25 minute trip...3 minutes on tram, 5 mintues on metro and the rest on bus. The entire trip I paid for transport ticket works on metro, tram and bus. All in all I paid bout 7 dollars for transport, and the entire time I paid, no one ever came and checked I had a ticket. So basically I was pisst the entire time that I paid for tickets yet no one ever checked or enforced. So as I began my trip to the airport I was thinking I do not need a ticket, but then I was like I have extra check currency y not just buy a ticket for a buck 20 ($1.30). so I did and things were goin great, besides the fact I got a late start. So tram, then metro, then the bus ride…bout 10 minutes into the busride someone finally asks to see my ticket. I am all happy cuz I bought a ticket…welp turns out the ticket I bought did not include transferring, and this jackass official had no sympathy for my tourist mistake. I had many locals on the bus speak in Czech to him in my defense yet this guy was determined to fine me. He asked to see my documents and I said there is no reason for u to see them…I also had no more check money..the fine was 500 crowns…=30 bucks. So he stayed right next to me on the bus till the airport where I could withdraw money from the atm and pay his sorryass. The thing that pisses me off the most is that I know many of the other ppl on the bus did not have tickets and it was just unlucky that he got to me first. Also, I had bought a ticket, yet just a wrong one and he wanted me to pay the full fine. I wanted to argue with this douche but as it was I was running late and ide figure he can have my measely 30 bucks. But more importantly, after I gave him my 500 crowns he asked for my documents again, and I was like hell no u don’t need to see them, and he did nothing about it..this guy was a dick to say the least…and after he hands me my invalid ticket and smiles at me with his face screaming “thank you so much for your money you stupid American” and all I did was tear the ticket right in front of his face and walked to my plane…it was a terrible way to end my experience in Prague as I really liked that place, but because this a-hole I lost respect for the country as a whole.


  1. You'll be pleased to know the fine has gone up to 800 crowns.

    I've lived in Czech Republic now for going on 5 years, so here is some unique insight from a foreigner what I've learnt about the Czechs.

    1. They're an extremely opportunistic nation, who themselves agree cannot be trusted. For example while packing your grocery bag during a shopping run there is always some suspicious security guard checking if you haven't stolen anything. Some shops like Penny employ 3 security guards - let me tell you, it's a tiny shop. When I ask my educated Czech friends about this, they feel the guards are justified - because (and I quote) "Opportunity makes a thief out of anyone".

    2. They do see foreigners as a meal ticket, or rich, and worse they have an arrogant sense of entitlement to rip us off. At a work party we recently had 3 of our partners come over from the UK. One guy ordered a round of drinks which came to about 2000 crowns - some people here earn 8000 a month, so it wasn't small change. The Czechs gladly accepted the drinks, I actually felt bad for the guy buying. When I mentioned how much the drinks cost to the Czechs the reaction was "He's from the UK, rich enough!" It's appalling.

    3. On another occasion I've had young people seemingly take interest in me while I was out having a beer. Asking me all kinds of questions - I thought was earnest interest, until my Czech friend spotted this and told me they're just acting interested to try get a free beer.

    4. They can be ridiculously bad mannered when it comes to queuing. They'll often push in front of you, steal your place while you're standing in a line. Basically never turn your back on a Czech if you're queing for something. On the other hand they're ridiculously well mannered in lifts to the point where its crazy - everyone entering and leaving a lift gets a dobry den or goodbye. Weird as fuck when 8 people are in the lift.

    5. What really annoys me though about living here is that people here will never accept you. After a while you can't help get negative about certain things and when trying to bring this stuff up, a lot of the locals don't want to hear anything negative about their country. They also either don't give a fuck about you, can't empathize what it is like to live in a foreign country, or are just too Czech minded.

    I honestly feel sometimes like I am surrounded by robots.

  2. agreed to all the above. the majority of the country are self centred, thoughless, audacious, rude pricks who dont give a shit about anyone except direct family. And no im not someone who has been left by a czech boy/girl im getting this from corporate experience having workd in 4 different companies here. hoestly every bad thing written about these people still is no where near how bad they really are. Oh and for those of you thinking im a racist - my wife is east european. And let me tell you people from every other country in central/east europe are infinitely better in every way than the czechs.

  3. Yep. I am more than sick of golly gee utopian type bloggers who tell me that really you just have to get to know the Czech and they are really deep down wonderful and proud. It isn't a culture thing and like Mr. Anonymous I also have lived all over Europe and Asia including other former Soviet Bloc countries.
    The Czech are just assholes. Period, and the rest of Europe seems to say the same. They are the most humorless, depressed, hostile, bitter, dickheads I have ever come across. And I DO assimilate with the language and they are still dickheads. Oh and by the way women of Prague--there is a difference between dressing sexy like the Russians and Poles and dressing like a hooker. Then again half of you are. They tell me about the beautiful eyes of the Czech women. Are you kidding me? The women are like the walking dead. Lifeless. REally I got nothing good to say about the Czech minus my landlord who is the only one who seems to have life in his veins. I'm out of here soon and I'm never coming back.

  4. Agreed with everything. I mean they might be nice in everyday activities (I kinda doubt It) but when It comes to professional environment?

    Biggest fucking assholes I've ever worked with. Backstabbing on a daily basis, love of bureaucracy,escalating every single error of yours to upper management, schemeing behind your back, rude manners in e-mails, yelling at you on phone,horrible sense of humor, refusing to answer any basic questions etc.. I could go on here..

    Also their English is absolutely horrible.I mean the worst I've ever dealt with. How is that country not bankrupt yet is beyond me..