Thursday, December 20, 2007

another fam update

Well tonight i met up with the final relative that i have not seen yet, Vannis daughter Barbara. We went out and had a nice dinner in Sesto Calende and had a good time...she speaks great english as she works for british airways so it was easy to converse and talk crap bout vanni without him ever knowing. it was alot of fun, she has a extremely busy work schedule but i wish i could have seen more of her...however sunday morning when i part, she will be working at the airport so ill be able to see her one last time.

Vanni, Barbara, Me

tomorrow i will prepare my luggage, it should be a tuff one and i expect to leave some unneccessary items behind...tmw night i hope to hit the italian night life up with my cousins Claudio and Fabio but well see, its about 25 degrees here now. 2 more days...its been a good one

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