Wednesday, December 19, 2007


so i was tryin to provide some entertainment in this post, due to the boring last one, but couldnt really find anything, no new videos, art, pictures...hmm

So yesterday, the 18th i arrived back here in Gallarate...after a rough train ride and bus ride to chiavari...i was pretty sick last night..dizzy and stuff...but since im a soldier today i am feeling fantastic..some sleep, italian remedies and music i can attribute it too. not really much to do here, cept stay warm (-5 to +6 degrees) so about a constant 23 fahrenheit to 42...yea its damn everywhere,...and some small snowage

tonight i met my other cousins...Remo and his family..we had a great dinner at his house

3 days till my departure..expect a closing statement saturday

here we go , how bout a new episode of japanese tetris

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