Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Final Post

welp i guess every great thing has to end sometime. it really had not hit me yet that this experience was ending until these words right now, and i can truly say that i am sad. i know this has been one of the ggreatest experiences of my life and it went by way to quick, these last 23 days especially. before my final thoughts shall we catch up on my final days?

so yesterday and today have been very tranquil and relaxing, my bags r pretty much packed and i must say i did a hell of a far as roamin around the area it is tough as it is cold as hell here...Last night, Fabio, Claudio, fabios friend Francesco and I went to a sweet pub, and had some very nice tasting xmas beer. today Fabio and I went for a ride in the car around gallarate and varese...very beautiful but a disaster as it is close to xmas and thers traffic everywhere and nowhere to park...also i was amazed while in the supermarket i came upon an isle full of crazy its awesome that they sell these, roman candles, firecrackers, m80s, bottle rockets...i had to buy some just to pay respect that we will light tonight...fabio brought up a good point after i told them they didnte sell these types of fireworks in the states...translated in english he said " you americans can buy guns and kill people but you cant buy fireworks"...interesting

...tonight we are having the final dinner with the whole family..after fabio wants to take me out to another pub for one last goodbye drink. i leave tmw at 10 and i realized it will be a jack bauer day for me....exactly 23 hours of travel, possibly more if delays, hopefully none to great.

So it is here where i end this memorable journey and a hell of a journal that i am very glad that i i said before, as far as joes study abroad blog it is over..but who knows i might convert it to Joes blog and keep it goin. thanks for reading and lookin foward to seein you all...ill leave you with this

Closing Thoughts and Statements:

- best experience of my life for now, but I got a lot going for me so things could get better, yes I try to be optimistic

- made friendships to last a lifetime

- im proud to be of Italian heritage

- Italian men are very aggressive with American girls

- I have gained a greater appreciation for photography

- making videos is something I really enjoy doing

- Gypsy’s r harmless

- African merchants r a part of Italian daily life

- I want a vespa

- I want to bring Kebabs to the States

- I gained my freshman 15 two years late, yet I am still skinny as a toothpick, actually probly only like 8-10

- I desperately miss doing athletic activities, mostly bball and cant wait to see how out of shape I really am and what a basketball looks like

-looking forward to having American tv and watching football, the new season of 24 and the continuation of the prison break season.

- also looking to attending my monthly concerts as I missed some good ones when I was gone, including pepper, rebelution, stoopid, the used to name a view. check em out if u like reggae rock

- I have acquired a taste for vino, as well as coffee which I never used to drink before..however Italian coffee is a lot different than what we have in the states which might lead me into buying an Italian coffee maker and coffee

- Giuseppe Garibaldi is the most recognized figure in all of italy

- Italian soccer plays a huge part in Italian society

- all my Italian cousins are awesome and I hate to leave them

- I do not want to go back to UC Davis as it is full of Asians and all the beautiful girls in my program r gone and the girl to guy ratio is shattered.

- XMAS will be great, hopefully not spending it in an airport

-I would like to thank the family for making this trip financially possible and my 3 years of hard work at andronicos market to buy me a couple rounds of drinks

-lastly, enjoyed the blog, thanks for reading

- goodnight and stay classy, see all of you soon

CIAO da Italia

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  1. Wow Joey,

    You obviously did learn alot. What an experience. Your blog was a tremendous enjoyment to all of us here. We look forward to seeing you. And we anxiously await you at the airport. Have a great flight home. And if you're stuck in Chicago, go see DA BEARS play on Christmas day (just kidding). Love DAD.