Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Night of Capri and Positano

so the night after the day on Capri...i managed to rally myself and hit up the local bar scene in Sorrento....ironically enough we went to The American Bar...not too many bars in Sorrento..this was was pretty fun as they had live karaoke. so yea that was fun

Next day we embarked to another amazing town-- Positano. left the bungalows at about 11 and took a 1.5 hr busride...ride was very curvy and crazy..as bus driver just tore it up around the turns...quite proud of myself...the day b4 i was the only one that got sick...and on this crazy bus ride about like 20 ppl got sick..worse enought to take a ferry back to Sorrento..it was funny.

Positano was beautiful..not to much to do but good sites...ate some lunch, got some gelato..chilled on the beach a bit, and just cruised and took pictures.

bus ride back to sorrento was great..and was overall a great little day trip

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