Tuesday, October 2, 2007


So Sunday was our last day on the Amalfi Coast...and something i never planned on doing occurred..(well i always wanted to..but never thought i could sack up and do it)--RENT VESPAS aka motorinos..aka scooters.

The day was higly overshadowed by these fascinating litte vespas...sickest experience of this trip to date...and it only cost 30euro. got it up to 95-100 km/hr which is bout 65mph...it was fantastic. scary and dangerous yet adrenaline...so we took this little rebels to Pompeii...best decision ever and surprisingly never got drastically lost.

So unfortunately with all the Vespa fun...we only had about an hr and a half to explore the ancient ruins of Pompeii. never realized how big it was...needed about 4 hrs there i feel.. however i learned alot and it happened to be free as it was the last sunday of the month. truly amazing how they have preserved this town after all the years and all the escavation processes

as u can see..pompeii was really sweet and was definitely a stop favorite. however most of us were all anxious for the ride back on the vespas. words cannot explain how much fun i had on those things...even though they provide alot of stress of being alert every second on the ride..gettin on those bad boys and flyin down the street solo and air whistling past ur face, gettin hit in the face with numerous insects..it was priceless. priceless.

so yea that was it...held up r group bus by 45 minutes dealing with the rental place when we got back.but honestly i could care less bout holden them up...all good and no regrets

the 7 hr bus ride back flew by as entourage kept on rollin'

peace..oktoberfest departure in 2 days..and 2 tests and paper outlines tmw..shiitt

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