Tuesday, October 2, 2007


so the weekend began on thursday night...got out of class at 530 and the bus departed around 615......

background info:::: raining cats and dogs in florence on thursday...was very bitter bout the weekend as amalfi coast is always nicer in the nice hot sunlight...so very skeptical bout the trip....
bus ride was about 9 hours long (traveled with Euroadventures) a sick little company 2 guys from Gonzaga put together to help students plan trips at affordable prices. Owners r real cool guys..bout 24-26yrs old..love to party and r living the dream goin on weekend trips with tons of college kids. so beside that bus ride was great...watched bout 6 episodes of entourage and Knocked up. got to sorrento bout 1am. hotel was great...stayed in a 4bdrm bungalow with Stu and Paul and another kid..

Next morning we embarked early for Capri. the rain had stopped...yet still a storm was still passing...waves were crazy.as of course we had to take a bout ther..keep in mind i get sea sick. Waves were huge and the boat was goin everywhere...however i did fine and made it too beautiful Capri without any issues. i left on a different note..details later

So we got to Capri and about 7 out of the 25 of us decided to do this strenuous hike to basically the highest mountain top of Capri...was not bad at all but a tougher hike than Cinque terre....2 chix had to back off after 10 minutes into the hike..only 1 survived. the view from the top was amazing

gettin my hike on
Ahh the rewarding satisfaction after an hr and half uphill climb. sick sick place.

as i noted b4..heavy storm the day b4...so i knew the sea was rough...and i had a good guess that one of the most beautiful wonders of the world "The Blue Grotto" was most likely closed.....and as it turned out it definitly was. definitely a huge bummer but i was expecting it...cant get everything u want

So euroadventures(and my travel book) highly recommended a boat trip around the island. i knew the seas were extremely choppy and i get sea sick..however i try to live by the motto "no regrets" on this trip so i sacked up and went on the boat cruise... as i predicted really couldnt take it and got extremely sick...funny and crappy at the same time. The views other than the side of the boat** were spectacular and i jumped in the water several times. so yea was very sick for the rest of the day..however i have no regrets from the boat cruise and all in all Capri was sick.

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