Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Today was r day trip to little place however nothing to exciting...didnt learn to much cuz r tour guide was a piece and barely knew anything...just know its an old town and known for alot of sculpture, marble stuff, and mosaics

no caption needed

tiles(glass) used for the sweet mosaics

very nice> I like

some sick sculpture im standing in
keepin this one nice and short...sun is still out and the beach is tons of fun however i have still been unable to body surf due to the lack of waves..however the vball and frisbee have been in full effect...the discotech last night was tons of fun and for sure hittin it up again b4 we leave....note to self: italians r not very good breakdancers...stick to watchin the american mexicans and asians. tmw i believe my cousin Sergio is coming to visit from Chiavari,,should be fun. night, good day wherever ur readin this from..late

headin to cinque terre on saturday..supposed to be one of the greatest places in italy..

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