Sunday, September 2, 2007


Past couple days have been lot of fun...Thursday night we had a band come and play for us. The big songs they played was "Knockin on Heavens Door" and "Message in a Bottle" Alotta fun. they actually came back again last night for an encore performance with a drummer and bass but i could only stay for a few songs cuz it was some chix bday. The band said they would try to play again for us b4 we leave florence.
Friday night my italian cousin Sergio and his family came to visit me. we cruised around here for a while then headed south to Viareggio and Torre Del Lago. I knew Sergio smoked which i dont mind but i honestly think he finished a whole pack within the 5 hr stay.
He then took us out to dinner(me and my cousin Paul). Sergio was really feelin fish so we went to this fish restaurant.. i ordered a spicy spaghetti pasta...and to this day i still taste the salt in my mouth...heres the story.. so this was my first time out for dinner cuz we get free dinner i always knew italians loved using salt while making thier pasta "al dente" so while i was eating my real first italian pasta i was like man they love thier salt..and it truly was the saltiest thing i ever was horrible..finally after like 6 mouthfuls i couldnt take it anymore..felt like i was swallowing the mediterranean sea water. it looked bad cuz i barely didnt eat anything so i told sergio in italian, the pasta is terrible..theres too much salt for me. so sergio tried it himself and sure enough definitly a mistake..seeing the look on his face after eating it was he argued to the waitress and the waitress told us that the cook tried it to and apologized..they did not charge us. but man it was a terrible experience with my first real pasta dish. but it was quite the story..had to be ther all that salt in my system cannot be good. so yea..then the calamari plate came and it was Bomb...the calamari here is amazing. yea thats it. late

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