Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Lucca was pretty tight..worth it, only cost 5 euros so glad i went. 4 kilometer town inside the walls...tons of small stores and churches...came across my 1st statue of the famous Giuseppe Garibaldi...pretty sick..definetly got a lot of respect from the ladies
Got my first italian test back...got a 14 out of 15...owning it...tonite were headin to the discotech for some "hip hoppin" should be alot of fun...today me and mio amico stu went to the local supermarket which is like 4 miles away...we got about 16 bottles of wine and like 20 phat bottles of moretti..should last us the rest of the stay cuz were the only ones who seem to throw parties..carried about 40 pounds of wine on my back for 4 miles in the blistering heat..hit up the mediterreanean sea right after for a cool down. and of course i hit up the huge deli meat aisle at the mercato..got some local mortadella, salami, prosciutto cotto and some provolone...bomb..
signed up for my classes in florence the other day...takin history of the italian mafia and modern analysis of italy...my cousin Sergio is coming to visit me on thursday or friday for sure gonna be a good time..mingle with the pure italians and pipe into the social pipeline.

on a side note my ipod has been broken 4 about 5 days...it gave me some bs sad ipod icon when i turned it on...did some research and said to bang it as hard as u can on a flat surface...soo i had nothin to lose so i basically just threw it on the table as hard as i could and sure enough it started workin..greatest thing ever....some great albums have dropped for all u music fans....scary kids, chiodos, and since no of u kno bout them...the neew ben harper cd is sick.....im out hope all is well..Ciao.

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