Sunday, August 26, 2007

I like you peoples

having the time of my life. to be honest i am not feelin Florence at all anymore..i wanna stay here the rest of the quarter..the sun finally came out and the beach is fun as hell. class obviously sucks but its only 3 hrs a day...get my first test back tmw so well see how i did. Ill start with the food. we r provided breakfast and dinner so everyday we need to get r own lunch. obviously i have always been a fan of Focaccia but its seems to be about 10x better here... the deli meats are extremely cheap...prosciutto cotto is my favorite so good...slap that on with some mozzarella and man.what a meal. today i had it on focaccia with cream cheese and lettuce..and of course they toast everything here..soo good. cant wait to get fat..just a matter of time. Last night was the best night so far...we went to a beach party..and it was insane..i walk in and there was over atleast 500 people..the songs were insane..tons of great italian songs and tons of american hit remixes...YMCA was a huge hit..played it atleast twice. yea tons of fun and glad i it was free..cant get that in greedy america

today i embarked on a laundry excursion with 2 of my buds...Stu and my long lost 3 cousin Paul..seriously. also my first day takin the bus which honeslty is the best public transportation bus..we totally missed r stop and werent sure when it stopped again and went about 3 miles past r we got off and took another bus goin the other way..finally found the laundry mat did the usual then got a dryer that honeslty had no heat. had to run another load and 7 hrs later my clothes r still not dry. of course during this we had to kill some time, so to pay respects to r italian heritage we bought some birra moretti and waited it out...tmw we head to Lucca which is some renaissance town i believe, but ill find out forsure tmw. take it easy and miss u all. late

note to all the police and future employers: posting of this picture is purely legal as this picture was taken in a foreign country where drinking is legal over the ages of 16+.

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  1. Yo my family is from lucca...its a pretty cool town. You should rent a bike and ride it on the top of the city'll know wat i mean when you go there