Thursday, August 23, 2007

PISA and 1 week Review

Ciao. Today was the 1st trip. Visited Torre del Lago and Pisa. pretty much the only reason Torre del Lago exists is because the famous opera composer Giaccomo Puccini has a house we got to go see that..pretty cool i guess..then from there it was a 20 minute trip to Pisa. Pisa is nothing until u enter the city walls. obviously the tower is the main attraction but the cathedral there was pretty amazing..overall im glad i got to go see Pisa. really my first encounter with all the tourists here in italy..they were everywhere..felt like i was back in Davis with all the Asians.. the merchants around the tower were insane...just a myriad of africans wheelin and dealin tryin to sell watches, sunglasses, jewlery and purses..all big named brands but just fake replicas

so ive been here a week...heres my WEEK REVIEW
  • London was cool, glad i went sucked, and extremly expensive conversion rate..1 pound =2 US dollars . 2 days was plenty ther..saw what i needed to
  • Rome to Viareggio is a long ass bus ride after 2 hrs of sleep the night b4
  • Viareggio is a great beach town where as of now gets no sun and just rain..but itll be here soon
  • the pizza here is amazin as well as the gelato
  • wine is the drink of choice
  • there is a phenomenal ratio of girls to guys bout 15 guys to over 120 girls
  • these africans tryin to sell fake jewelry and umbrellas on the beach r starting to get to me
  • i love rippin free internet off an italian family


  1. you photoshopped that tower of pisa photo

  2. joe this website is sick man..just figured out how to comment but it looks like you are havin a grat time..girl to guy ratio sounds great..keep us posted on that.