Thursday, March 25, 2010

Worthy Travel Accessories

Besides the basics of a great pack and proper clothes, I have compiled a list of items that I found quite nice and made my journey a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Asus Netbook

Obviously not essential but this little thing was quite handy. About the size of 2 folded t shirts and about 3 pounds, it was not much of a burden to carry around.  I saved heaps of space packing as I had every guide book stored on my netbook, no need to lug around those thick books.  Additionally, it came in quite handy while researching upcoming travel destinations, especially while having wifi access in my apartment back in Sydney. Saved me heaps of money as I didnt always have to go to internet cafes.  The entertainment factor was also a benefit. It allowed me to update my ipod with new music, play some movies I had saved as well as tv shows. Quite possibly the most beneficial aspect of carrying along a computer is photo uploads. I never had to stress about not having enough space on my camera after every day trip/activity, I could always upload my photos to my computer. Super easy and convenient. Lastly, updating this blog would have been 5 times more of a hassle without my netbook, very convenient for a blogger on the run.  

Ipod Touch

An mp3 player is something I am never caught without. I live for music and this is probably the most important commodity on the list. Its obviously great for walking around and falling asleep to, but a great companion on long bus rides and planes.  In addition, wifi on the ipod touch makes some things very convenient with an internet connection, for example skype, checking email and US news updates.  And you can't forget the games. Great while going to bed or on the toilet, there's an app that can make anyone happy. Paper toss, magnetic joe, fling and jungle crash are just a few that have been my favorites.

Tripod for Camera

A crucial addition.  My mini tripod allowed me to take some unbelievable photos, expecially night time picts.  Also convenient if travelling solo and don't always have someone to take a picture of you. 

Travel Shower Bag

A must have for any backpacker. Crucial for shady dirty hostels. This one expanded into three separate compartments, never had storage issues and it always had a spot for my wallet, passport and other valuable
Swiss Army Knife

Would be more convenient if I was out in the outback, but still used it a good amount,the knife and scissors mostly.  Didn't leave the hostels without it. The knife was quite handy for smearin on some peanut butter and jelly while on the go or on the trail

Axe Body Spray

A backpackers B.O. cure.  Even showering everyday, it is a given that you wear the same clothes 4-5 days straight. This body spray is the ultimate mask to any bad odor.

Microfiber Towel

Another great research find on my part.  A great backpacking addition. Very quick drying and not a big hassle if you have to shower and pack your bag and board the bus immediately to your next destination.  It absorbs heaps of water and is very thin.  

Those are just a few. I've been home 2 weeks now and definitely missing the solo travel life. What an experience!

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  1. I agree with your list. I think these items one can never miss and there are few more items that one should also take while traveling like the traveling guide.