Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Trip That Was.....

Well that is it I guess. My bags are packed.  Feels like I am going to board a plane to my next travel destination, but the reality is I am heading home.

I have the rare chance to see the same sun set in the same day. I leave at 11pm tonight (sunday NZ time) and arrive in San Francisco at 5pm (Sunday SF time).  Pretty special, will be a challenge to spot the sun from inside the airport but I will try to make it happen

- I am sure that the past 5 months will go down as some of the best and most memorable ones in my entire life.

- It was one damn expensive trip and I am extremely grateful to all of those involved in making it happen. It would have not been possible without a few generous loans, xmas gifts and bday presents.

- I was a fool to think working a couple months could fund nearly half my trip, it funded only around 1/3 of it.

- This trip is a rejection to the saying "money cant buy happiness"  I rarely had bad days and took every day as a gift. Not many people are as lucky as me to have had this sort of opportunity and for that I am grateful. Not matter how bad my day was, or how shitty work was, I took a step back and told myself "you are traveling in another country and living the dream, life isnt that bad, its actually pretty spectacular, so sack up and make the most of it"

This journey would not have been such a memorable one without the heaps of great people and friends I have met along the way. I have recorded(a document with all names and how I met them) all encounters with people that I would classify acquaintances and friends, they amount up to possibly more friends than I ever had in 4 years of college. Really shows how awesome traveling solo can be if you make the most of it. With that, current technology and social media sites like Facebook have made it a synch to keep in touch with all my new friends from all over the world. I plan for them to visit me one day in California and I plan to see them again in their respective countries. World connections are where its at.

- I will miss the meat pies, Australian and New Zealand Beer, and Kebabs

- The hostels i stayed in where practically 4 and 5 star hotels for the price of around 22 US dollars a night. Best place to stay and meet new people.

- Partially due to the above, my man boobs have probably grown. I may have gotten a bit skinnier but despite living the backpackers life, I feel really healthy. Stoked I never got sick. My lower body muscles are as strong as ever after walking/hiking heaps of kilometers a day

- I look forward to Mexican Food and dollar menus at fast food places.

As I end this grand journey, it is time to head back home and start a new chapter in my great life.

I am excited to head back. Always being a big family guy, my family home is always where my heart is. I can't wait to see all my family and friends, and that little rascal that is my devil possessed dog, Bailey. It will be great for a few days to see everyone, shit on my own toilet, shower without sandals, changing without having a towel wrapped around me keeping my privates from being exposed to my dorm mates, etc, but know I will eventually miss all that ive had for the last 5 months.

I have some things to keep my occupied for awhile, including some great US TV shows including 24, and Lost.  Having been practically out of the music scene for 5 months, ive got some new music to discover and can't wait. Having the same music for the past 5 months has been killing me inside but thankful for some great artists that have the ability to keep me entertained no matter how often I listen to them. Also got my brothers bachelor party coming up in 2 weeks, can't wait.  Picnic day in a month and a great reunion with my old UC Davis college past.

No more putting off reality anymore, its time to face the future. I am nervous, yet excited at the same time and am anxious to see where I am headed. The possibilities are endless and I'm optimistic that everything will work out, just like it always has.

To my loyal readers, thanks for reading.  I have typed more pages of words in these past 5 months than all my term papers and essays combined in the last 16 years of school. Writing about personal encounters is far easier than gathering research and supporting an argument in a thesis statement, it's quite more enjoyable as well. This blog is definitely considered a hobby of mine and you can see I have been pretty dedicated to it. I enjoy every bit of it and too im sure it saved me from hundreds of emails and phone calls to let everyone know what im doing or if I was still alive.  I understand that reading about someone elses great life may not be enjoyable but hope you atleast enjoyed the pictures.

This concludes Joe's Blog : Work and Travel Down Under edition. Look for a revamped format in the coming weeks/months.

Over and Out, See you on the other side

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