Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lake Tekapo

Monday, February 22, 2010

After leaving Dunedin, the bus continued up the east coast. Our first stop were the Moeraki boulders. The Moeraki boulders are some huge great rocks just scattered across the seashore renowned for their unique spherical shape.  Pretty interesting.

The bus then began to leave the coast line and head inland. Our next stop was the Mount Cook Salmon Farm, supposedly some of the best quality salmon you can get in the world. The place offered free fish feeding but the salmon weren't to friendly today as they really never came out near the top of the water.

Afterwards we made way to Lake Pukaki, an insanely smurf blue colored lake with an outstanding view of the nearby Mount Cook. The color of the lake is caused by the so called "rock flour" that boosts the glacier blue color in the water. Unfortunately it was a bit hazy in the distance and the pictures truly didnt look as good as the actual view, but you're gonna have to take what you can get.

Our destination for the night, Lake Tekapo, was just a short bus ride away. Lake Tekapo was just as beautiful as Lake Pukaki.  The color of the lake just didn't look real to me, although my polarized sunglasses did give it a pretty good enhancement. Not much to do in the town of Lake Tekapo except just enjoy the lake and that's exactly what I did. I did a pretty good walk along the lake, taking some pretty great pictures along the way.

In the early evening I grabbed a table outside my excellent lake side hostel and brought out the laptop. I cranked out some blog posts and enjoyed the sunset with a few Steinlagers. Pretty great atmosphere for a creative writer like myself.

Side story: As i was going to fetch a few more beers in the fridge in the kitchen hostel I was approached by 3 asian girls who seemed to be having difficulties opening a can. They wanted me to show them how to use a can opener.  I gladly showed them and opened the can. They were just soo amazed on the whole contraption. I got a pretty good kick of it, and then later thought how the hell do they usually open cans?  They were about my age, and there were 3 of them, was surprised not one of them knew how to use it. I gave them about a 2 minute training, I still dont know if they understood how it worked as I had to open their second can as well.

Lake Tekapo is the best place in New Zealand to view the stars, and possibly the world claimed by some scientists. The lights in Lake Tekapo are all special lights to maximize star viewing and no light in the entire city shines upwards. There were some pricey guided tours up in the observatory but I figured I could enjoy them just as much lakeside. Unfortunately though in the nighttime it was pretty cloudy and the stars weren't too visible. Thats alright, another time.

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