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Tuesday February 23, 2010

After a pretty long and sleepy day on the bus, we made it into Christchurch around 2 oclock. For you dedicated readers, you will know that Christchurch is the city where my entire New Zealand journey began a little more than 2 weeks ago, thus completing my south island circuit.

Last time in Christchurch I only had about 7 hours there, and I spent most of them in bed since it was past midnight when my plane arrived. I now got to experience the city in the day light, and in the very warm 29 degree celcius sun. It is a very english city with a european feel to it.

It's a pretty good size city, 3rd largest in New Zealand I believe. I didn't find that there was much to do though. The main spots of interests is Cathedral Square and the Botanical Gardens. Took a pretty good nap in the gardens before making my way back thru town back to my hostel.

In the night,I met up with some friends from the bus, Holly, Stef and Paul, all from England. Tonight was Pauls 25th birthday. I skipped out on their thai dinner but met them after for a few drinks. Christchurch definitely isn't a party town, especially on a tuesday night. Anyhow we still made a good night out of it with some sparkling vino, chocolate cake and a few beers at the local pub.

As we were heading back to our hostels we came across a bar with about 10 people in it and a live music. We decided to check it out and get one more round of beers. Well the live music was that off guitarist/singer and songwriter Ollie, or Oliver. What a find in the New Zealand music scene. He plays daily around bars in Christchurch and has toured around New Zealand and Australia. He played mostly covers but unbelievable covers, my favorites being some Pearl Jam, Ben Harper and Black Seeds songs.

I went up to him after the show and expressed my liking to his music.  He ended up giving me his demo album and contact details. I know good music when I hear it, he's great.  You can check his music out at  

Nights like that are special when you just check out a small music scene and you just get blown away. For someone that is so fond of music like myself it really a great feeling to come upon such talent, especially playing music that is right in my music spectrum.

I said goodbye to my british friends as they are taking off for New zealand on Thursday and headed back to the hostel.  Made the most of a night in a town where not much was going on.  Sweet As

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