Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Beat Goes On

Christmas is coming, New Years in coming, my 2 month travel trip is coming, and a job packing airline food is coming to an end. A lot to look forward too over here and the anticipation is building. We are 3 days out from Christmas and it doesn't feel like it at all. The heat, lack of Christmas songs and not being around family, it is easy to act like these days are like no other. Having first planned this trip, knowing I would miss Christmas was a small concern, but at the same time, the timing of this trip worked well and a skipped Christmas had to be done. Next thing I know Christmas will have passed and will move on. I am pretty happy I am working Christmas day and getting holiday pay, my work family is a great substitute to my real one. Been building some great relationships at work and all the koreans seem to really enjoy my presence.  We have had an influx of new Korean workers lately, and to be honest I can't put a name to any of their faces because with their hair nets on they all look the same. But one thing for certain, they are serious, fast, hard workers...something perfect for the line of work. I have been loading a lot of flights lately, including 2 entire flights yesterday (main meal, light meal, breakfast)....i woke up sore this morning in my legs due to all the bending and squatting of putting trays into the airline carts.

Tonight I put in my final notice of when I will be leaving work.  January 5 is my last work day and have chosen January 7th as the day my travels commence.  Already looking back on this job I think of 2 main things, 1) It is pretty sweet that I am working in another country, 2) I am packing airline food!!!, it is almost laughable but at the same time I enjoy the job and love the experience in a new work industry.  It has been a great job and definitely adds to some of the great times I will have on this life long memory

With Christmas and New Years creeping up, the amount of Aussies and tourists in the city are rapidly increasing. Sydney IS the place to be for the holidays, i can tell just by the amount of people on the trains and in line at the pubs recently. With that, there are loads of backpackers coming in, and a lot leaving.  Last night I said goodbye to my Irish buddy who I became good friends with at the hostel.  And with my trip coming up, I will soon have to say goodbye to some of the great people I have made friendships with here.  But thanks to  social networks and technology it won't be the last time I ever speak with them.

Here is a picture of me and the guys before heading out to the bars last night. (note the 2 boxes of goon and my VB)

Been doing some extensive trip planning the past 3 days...it is a gruesome task but at the same time I find it entertaining as I have full control of what I want to do and get to see the things I have to look forward to.  I've got my bus ticket to the entire east coast and have my flights booked, just need to get the in between details and locations down.  Highlights are: Great Barrier Reef Snorkel Trip, 3 day 4x4 on the largest sand island in the world(fraser), 2 day sailing trip around 60+ islands(Whitsundays), Steve Irwin Australia Zoo, Surf Lesson in Byron Bay, 1 month of meeting new friends and enjoying the hostel pub life.  Be jealous everyone, be jealous

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, See you in the New Year....maybe slightly before if there's something on my mind

PS. planning on going to see this movie Avatar in 3d on Sydney's IMAX, the largest movie screen in the world...hope it lives up to the hype

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