Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday in the Rain

Got back from Manly this morning...another great ferry ride into Sydney Harbour.  Manly was a blast...soaked in sun for days.  Unfortunately waves never got as big as they were on Wedndesday, but all in all a great time on the beach.  The jellyfish came out in hoards yesterday while i was bodysurfing. I really wasn't gonna take the chance of having to piss on my sting just for a few extra waves, so i ended the sesh.

Back in central Sydney feels pretty good. I think I have decided to call this place home for the next 2 months, and then plan to travel up the coast come January. Which means it is time to settle down, get a job, and look for some housing.

This weeks to do's:
   - get a job in or around Sydney
   - make money fast
   - browse the classifieds and land some affordable housing with backpackers or locals
   - make it to Bondi beach

And yes, it is raining here. Feels great..i've always loved the rain...Aussies run for cover, its pretty funny...they are all runny around the streets for shelter, meanwhile I'm just in my raincoat hoodie, rockin to the ipod and feelin it.   but yea got pretty wet, especially my backpack.  In the library now, doin some research and milkin the free internet.  bout to head to the store and get some goods for the next few days.

i think you'll get a kick out of one of the ice cream bars they have here...

Note:  i can assure you i will never buy and enjoy a golden gaytime...or steal

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