Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tweet Tweet My Peeps

This twitter craze is something that I cannot get away from. As I still am not completely sold on the whole idea, I am experimenting with it and pretty sure that I'm well on my way to loving it. It is miraculous how such a simple idea of people posting 140 characters of text about ANYTHING can get such a big following. People really want to know what other people are thinking/doing/tweeting. Clearly TWITTER is IN and has already showed it is a very effective media and news distribution tool. I find out about current events and big news stories on twitter before i even turn on the evening news. I am more than eager to ride this current trend and am really interested and curious to see where twitter is headed in the future.

You can now see my tweets on the right side of this blog, and feel free to follow me if you have a twitter account by hitting the button below

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