Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The King of Pop

So its tough on the blogosphere to ignore major current events. The King of Pop passed away last week, apparently now due to a possible drug overdose. As his death is a shock and a significant let down to many die hard Michael Jackson's fans (I read an article yesterday saying that 12 fans have committed suicide since his death). As Michael Jackson's death is unfortunate, he has been out of the music scene for quite sometime. As he was preparing for his 50 show gig in London, maybe he was starting to get back in the scene after several years of public hiding and legal troubles. But one thing that we still have after his death, is his music that has been heard by everyone over the past 40 years. An extremely talented dancer, artist, and singer, there is a reason he is known as the king of pop and is and will be the biggest music figure of my generation. With an increase of 1375% of music plays over the radio this last week, it is hard to ignore the amount of hits the musician had. So here I will compile my Top 5 Michael Jackson songs. I realize these are all the mainstream songs and I know his other songs are just as talented but these songs that ive heard in/from movies/dances/bars have always been my Michael Jackson's go-to tracks.

5. Smooth Criminal
4. Wanna be Startin Somethin
3. Thriller
2. Beat It
1. Billie Jean

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