Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Update

Headed home this past Friday to take care of some things. But to start the weekend off right, headed up to Menlo Park to grub on some Dutch Goose. Chili and a cheeseburger at the goose with the grandparents, cuginos, and bro..priceless. After that me and Adam headed to sunken diamond to watch UC Davis beat Stanford. It was a great game, and the davis attendance was real great..division 1 transition is working better than anticipated.

Saturday we embarked on an early train to SF to attend the 32nd annual Union Street Fair, one of my favorite days in the city behind Fleet Week, Bridge to Bridge, and North Beach Festival. It is always a fun time, great food, great drinks, and great looking people.

Today, Sunday we celebrated my grandmas 84th bday at our house. I was helpin the mother set up all weekend and am physically exhausted. First time ever that i havent driven back to davis in the night. heading up early tomorrow mornin to make it to my class and work. Last week of classes start this week and it is going to be the roughest week of the quarter. 2 term papers, 2 homework assignments, work, several job interviews, and 2 finals on saturday starting on 8am. hooray for that.

well anyhow, it was a great weekend, especially with the fam and some friends. got 10 days till summer break, and no matter what destiny my summer holds as far as employment, im excited for break. anyhow, ill be having a rough week, so i hope all you have the same. thank me later. buona notte

ps..I FIXED my ipod again after replacing the hard drive and logic board..aka im happy biking to class and rocking out before my professors drills me on my tests

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  1. I heard there is a cool YouTube video "Live at Avila Beach". I bet that would be a big hit on your blog and increase your viewership.