Monday, May 26, 2008


hello all, sorry its been so long since the last update..and honestly ive been extremely busy, therefore the lack of posts. anyhow, things have been going pretty well.. midterms are all done and now ill I have to look forward to are 2 term papers and 4 finals. should go by quick. Still searching for that internship this summer, ive been finding some good ones mostly thru craigslist, davis internship center, and some job sites like monster, hotjobs, and simplyhired. hopefully something works out for me

Just got back from a great weekend with the fraternity brothers. i was one of our first brotherhood activities and it was great times. we went houseboating out on shasta..definitely a memorable weekend however I am exhausted right now and i alot of work to get done tomorrow.

other than that..heading home this weekend, hittin up Union Street Festival in SF and celebrating my grandmas birthday on sunday.

also if you remember i fixed my ipod about 3 months ago..well it officialy died, so i bought a hard drive off ebay and it still seems to not be thinkin its the logic who knows ther could be another ipod fix blog post. either way im dyin without portable music, its tough to ride a bike, ride the bus and work out with now tunes to fuel my system.

take care,, leave you with Weezers new video of their single off ther "Red Album" the song is called pok and beans, in my opinion this video is pure genius, as it relates pretty much to the new internet phenomenon of user video sites such as youtube. they reeneact many of the scenes for their video using some of the original youtube legends, such as Numa Numa. new media trends at its finest, the internet is societys new culture , youtube gets u famous

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