Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spring Quarter Review

Let me just start off with an excuse for the major lack of updates. And they are: no time, lazy, had a computer virus that knocked off my internet, lack of motivation.

So i am done with junior year in college and i am officially 1 year away from graduating and entering the real world. This was a good quarter, one of the best for sure. Academic wise, it was rough one. First time i ever took 5 classes which included 3 upper division classes. I came out with a 3.34 so i guess I should be happy. Do i think that gpa shows the effort i out in and what i actually deserved...probably not. Reason for this is that you go to a giant college and the quality of teachers variate so widely. Therefore it is inevitable that you are given the best teachers ever for each course. And as i dont like to make excuses, teachers are the sole reason you do well in a subject. This is one thing that really chaps my ass in college. For example: 2 students take the same course with 2 different teacher. 1 student is smart and studies, say he has a 3.5, the other is avg, gpa 2.8 but hardly goes to class and doesnt do hw. The 3.5 gpa student gets stuck with a professor that has a terrible teaching tactic, terrible test format, and doesnt curve. That student gets a B- in the class. On the other hand the other student has a real chill professor who understands kids are in college, still challenges them, and as homework yet grades on a curve and tests are not tricky and test on ONLY what the student is required to know..Student receives an easy A. ya so thats my thoughts on that. In a perfect world obviously i could get a 4.0 every quarter, im a smart kid, i put in effort, i do my hmw, the intelligence is ther, ,the great teachers arent. YOu are probably telling yourself that these so called "Easy Teachers" dont challenge you. Well from my experience, challenge or not, those classes with the great and understanding teachers, are the classes you get the most out of. Not only do you learn the material, but the teachers teaches you everyday life lessons and are personable. Not just some teacher that ruins you on tests, is not personable, and just goes of a damn lecture sheet every lecture.

Well enough on academics. Additionally, this is the first quarter of college where I had a working job. And let me tell you, it was a great job and can't wait to get back there and keep working. Many of you know I work for Campus Unions and help set up meeting rooms and other various tasks. Schedule was very flexible and pay is very reasonable. Great addition to my UC Davis Career.

Sigma Nu also played a very active role. with about 4-5 hours of sigma nu stuff every week, i would say i was pretty involved in it. One of my wiser choices of my life and couldn't be happier. got a real good group of men and are making great friends. Helps with the social life for sure as if im bored and thers nothin goin on, just call some NUs to drink and have a good time. Lookin foward to next yr for our retreats and starting recruiting.

It is tough to finish this post without bringing back my abroad experience. The end of spring quarter also marks the school year where i studied in another country. man what a trip, and man do i miss it. about one month and a year ago i was boarding my plane to London and being on the beaches of viareggio. so hard to believe, how time flies right?

I believe in my winter quarter review I had some goals and expectations for spring quarter. everything was achieved except for my workout routing. this has been a major goal for about the past 10 years. it always seems to work out that i have something better to do every time instead of working out, funny isnt it? haha

Well, next year I will embark on my final year in college, let me just be blatant: It Fucking Sucks. i definitely have regrets during my college career, obviously more on the social side and taking advantage of various opportunities. I will do my test to have the most fun next year while still keeping my academics in the back of my head as i do have some of the toughest curriculum ahead of me. Either way it will be a great yr and i will have nothing hold me back because you only do college once and I am still young.

Anyhow summer is here, summer details to follow

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