Saturday, June 28, 2008


So I landed an internship after two months of straight job searching. I am working for a 4 year old internet startup .. I am working for the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) team. for you non internet savvy people, basically we work with the 2 largest search engines, Google and Yahoo, and write online advertisements with regards to products on our sites in hopes that online shoppers click on our ad, go to our site, and buy products from a merchants. Become focuses on price comparison shopping, its pretty sweet, give it a look.

Couldnt be happier with a job and it is a great fit for me. Enjoying every minute of it and work with a great and friendly staff. We are located on the google campus in Mountain View of Shoreline which means i get to see all those lucky bitches from Google ride around on their free beach cruisers, scooters, golf carts, and them on their way to eat at their free 5 star restaraunts.

Anyhow, im working 40 hr weeks and having a great time. it is just a taste of the real world after college. late

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