Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break / Rebelution-Expendables Concert Review

All in all, this was a pretty good spring break, especially the fact that i got more than 4 days off as Davis finally realized ther sched was BS.

I departed Saturday afternoon from Davis after probably my toughest finals week of my college tenure. I ended up doing ok, but still a rough quarter. and gradewise my lowest yet, but considering the courses and difficulty level im content..this new quarter will be another tester..but hey, if ur not challenged, ur not learning.

Sunday was was another great family outing, as we continued the tradition of headin to Menlo to go to the grandparent where my grandma would prepare yet another outstanding Easter Sunday Feast.

After Menlo, we continued north up to SF to have dinner with my other grandma(dad's side).

Monday, i have no idea what i did, i cant remember..i think i tried to get Warriors/Lakers tickets but failed since i didnt want to pay 150 a piece for Upper Reserve (thers nothin i hate more than ticket scalping above the original ticketprice of 25 dollars). So i sat at home and watched the game on the Plasma for free just to see Derek Fisher and the refs screw us over...if ur a warriors fan, u know what happend.

Tuesday I departed for my 3 day stay in Santa Cruz, but first my cugino Adam and his friend Mitch and Chez from Reno hit up Alotta's for an italian sausage sandwich.

Once we arrive to r beach house at Canon del Sol we were met my my roomate Jeremiah and his friend John Mark. We had stocked up at safeway with all the essentials...we were good to go.

we had phenomenal weather both we obviously hit the beach real hard. we had plans to make it to the pool/hot tub but the damn gate was locked..1st time ever. some 1st alarm security guard wasnt doin his job. but we got it fixed with a simple complaint a day later.

Santa Cruz Sunset

Fire of BON

Damn those smores were good

nice flames
Thurday morning we left the beach house. We returned home and got ready to hit the 5 oclock train to head up to At&T Park to watch the Giants preseason game against Seattle. The train ride was fun due to some consumption of beverages..but i can honeslty say i had no fun at the game. The lack of crowd for 1 thing was one of the main reasons, but the biggest was the lack of BARRY BONDS. im sorry, but sports r considered entertainment, and when u dont have a player who entertains or attracts fans, what is ther to watch..yea i know im being ignorant, but sorry i dont appreciate fundamental baseball..i live for big plays, and i can argue that most of america does to..i have no problem with roids, ppl like Kobe, Jordan, Woods, Lebron because they r entertainers and give the fans what they want to see..obviosuly thats not the entire part...the giants r miserable..they cant pitch, and they cant hit, no offense...and Barry Zito, u r a TOOL.

No Bonds, no giants

i posted this picture to show how empty the seats were..couldnt have been more than 5000 people

Friday my cousin went to the hospital with one of his asthma attacks. really sucked for him as he missed out on my grandpas weekly outing to the Dutch Goose and The Rebelution/Expendables Concert Friday Night

The concert was one of my favorite reggae/rock concerts yet...and i must say the mosh pits during the expendables set were heavier than some of the pits at my rock concerts.

The first band Rebelution, is what really got me excited bout this concert as I discovered them about 6 months ago on Itunes, they have made their way up to one of my favorite bands..and their live set did not dissapoint. even tho their bassist was rockin the j-rich warriors jersey he really took away from the stage energy as he only stayed in 1 spot on the stage and did the same old gay dance.

The Expendables then took the stage, it was my 1st time seeing them live, and they put on a hell of a live show..they r such a unique band with mellow dub beats combined with heavy metal riffs..very diverse sound which is pleasing. they definitely showed maturity and experience as their stage presence was phenomenal and showed why they are headliners..take note rebelution, ull get ther tho.

great, great concert featurin some amazing bands..

Saturday and Sunday i headed back up to the beach to stay ther with the parentals..windy but sunny, so more pool and beach time and of course to the best bakery in santa cruz...GAYLES. if ur ever ther get the breakest food out ther. as well as ther breakfast burrito.

thats bout it..night

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  1. FYI: the bass player for Rebelution wasnt dancing during the Fillmore show because he had a sprained ankle the size of a basketball...thats why he wasnt dancing all around the stage like he usually does