Friday, March 21, 2008

Quarter Review

So last Friday i concluded Winter Quarter at davis. also marks my 3rd month of being back in the states. This was probably the toughest final week i have had here at davis. I only had 3, but they were very tough and didnt really feel confident on any of them. But ive proven myself wrong before..not too worried. plus i got an A in business law so i didnt have to take its final.

The quarter went by 2 fast, it just flew by, half the time i was still wishin i was in italia.

Well at the beginning of the quarter, i told myself i would get a most of you know that never happened. so in that sense i am a failure. however i do have a interview next week for a job on campus. ive got big plans for spring quarter as its always the best quarter of the year and the most fun. One starting point is i have class everyday at 9, so that abolishes my horrendous sleeping patterns. I WILL have a job, and i will continue going strong on my workout routine. I hope by summer to finally get some weight on me as well as muscle and still be able to drain the bball.

Sigma Nu will also be a big factor spring quarter as we get the ball rolling.. Officer nominations are comin up as well as a retreat to the delta. Tomorrow i believe im booking my flight for my ASU trip which will be the April 11-14. The weekend after is picnic day, so april will be a great fun filled month and a fabulous way to start spring. as far as classes, yea ther lookin real tough, another microecon, quantitative analysis and a product management class..roughner

So yea, adjusting back into gear from Italy was definititly a timely process and obviously still miss it. i also get annoyed at the questions i still get like "did you have a fun time" i mean please, of course i had a good time, if not the best

Tomorrow i embark for Santa Cruz for 3 days, will be fun times

Ill leave you with another great human tetris video.

Coming soon: My personal top 20 music albums and a santa cruz, giants game, and concert review

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