Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Space Between

well classes pretty much ended today..actually got 1 more day on Monday, and finals start Tuesday..first time without a dead day. Ive got my microeconomics final on Tuesday..gonna be the first and hardest one. Then microbio on wednesday..and macroecon on Friday..Saturday is business law, but since I have an A i do not need to take the final.

Sigma Nu is takin shape...i believe we are at 30 guys..really got a good group of men..cant wait to get the ball rollin. This weekend will be relaxing..minor studying without stressin..working out/playin ball, and watchin that UCLA vs Stanford Pac 10 tourney.

Spring Break seems to be shaping up nicely...previous Arizona plans unfortunately will not be happenin..but i got a pretty good lineup..Brief itinerary includes a saturday departure from Davis, Easter Sunday, Monday Night warrior game vs the Lakers aka Kobe..then Tuesday thru Thurday in Santa Cruz, Thursday giants game, and capping it friday night in SF seein expendables and REBELUTION..NICE!!!

leave you with this...yea i did this rather than deriving economic functions...i think this could prove more worthwile.

have a good weekend..stay classy


  1. How did you do that! Can you send one of those Joe's to Los Altos...Miss you
    Love, Mom

  2. I like the one in the middle