Thursday, March 13, 2008

China Cat Sunflower

Thought ide let you know of some cool sites ive stumbled upon the past couple of weeks and some ive known about for quite some time


The first 2 are and ILIKE. these are must haves for any music lover. these sites/programs help you find artists similar to ones you already listen to..half the new bands i find are thru these sights..They also keep charts and track the songs you play in your media player..just something cool. They also take your bands you have in your libraries and tell you if they're currently playing live in your area (click logos to link)
The next 2 are also music and they are online players...Pandora is a cool new project that my friend Brady told me bout couple weeks back...basically you type in a band you like, and it will create a web radio station with all that certain type of music..another great way to find new bands. i think this company has got a real they r based around some study they call the Music Genome Project...check it out
Lastly there is personal may have heard of this if you own an IPHONE..if u have an iphone get this can search for any song and itll find it on the net and you can stream it..and if theres a music video itll also link that...NICE! you can save playlist so you virtually can have an entire online music library and not physically or legally own any songs on your hard drive. give it a try

DEALS AND OTHER STUFF (click images to link)

so as many of you kind of a frugal guy...and i dont like buying anything unless i know I am getting it for the cheapest price offered...or even free. I dont usually like to let ppl on my tips but here are some of my favorite deal sites where i find all my free goods and learn about great deals

Price grabber is really convenient because it takes major online companies and compared the prices of the product your looking for

and of course when all else fails..or you cant find what your looking can always find IT on eBay

Killer startups is just a site that talks about upcoming businesses..kind of interesting just to see what could be the new business of tomorrow

now ill LET my dedicated readers on one of my recent FREEBIES. st pauli girl is having there annual poster giveaway..poster chick this year is pretty bomb..way better than last yr..poster is free..have to be over 21*unless your a minor who drinks..they give out 400 a day..and they release them each day at 6pm ..good luck..ive already ordered 2

Video of the Week...WILL IT BLEND: A BASEBALL

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