Saturday, March 8, 2008

Entertainment Update

Well today I hit the golf links for the 1st time in 7 months..twilight 10 bucks at Davis Golf Course. ....we got in about 12 holes before it got dark. Played with my sigma nu recruiter and one of my future fraternity bro, as well as my good friend Taylor. I played real well 12 holes i got 3 pars, 1 birdie, 4 bogeys and some other holes with more than bogeys(damn sand traps) either way felt great ot be out ther on a friday in teh sun,

school is going good, been ownin my tests...last week of school then finals

Been watchin alot of movies lately...No Country for Old Men...was good until the finale..i wasnt a fan. other than that great acting.

Also got a chance to watch I AM LEGEND with Will Smith...real good movie, enjoyed the plot and correlated nicely with my microbiology class with infectious diseases.

Started watching LOST after i was finally able to download 5 episodes in teh first Season and I now what all the hype is about...this is right up ther with the 2 horsemen 24, and Prison Break..really gonna like this show as it has a jurasic parkish type of feel. so yea im comitted to this one, should be a good series.
I am now all caught up in the Office..well with like 5 episodes of last season..been great watchin it, best comedy on tv right now..can't beet(inside joke) Dwight Schrute
Jericho has also been fantastic..good action/suspense film but dont start watchin now, ull be lost.

Well, still tryin to get to this Linkin Park Concert on Monday. But either way good concert lineup coming. Expendables, hopefully Rebelution, Pepper, Iration, Dave Matthews, Warped Tour, and this new festival in SF with Tom Petty, Jack Johnson and Radiohead.

this will take a while most these great concerts will be in the summer..

On my ipod ive been listening to Sublime, Mountain Yonder String Band, Weezer, Coheed and Cambria, Incubus and Ballyhoo!!

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